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Board Chairman and General Manager of Turkish Grain Board Ahmet Güldal appeared as a guest on a TV Show called “Tarım Meydanı” anchored by Umut Özdil on Bereket TV.


Answering the questions on current issues on the live broadcast, GM Güldal has told they will stand by farmers in planting period as TMO and TMO will not use its importing license for Turkish farmers not to be affected negatively throughout the harvesting period.

Indicating that agricultural products are followed all year by TMO in addition to its tasks stated in its articles of incorporation, GM Güldal added: “We follow all agricultural products whether they are within our area of responsibility or not. That is because we can be assigned with regulating any product any time. By this new presidential administrative structure, we can be assigned with market regulation and satisfaction of needs for different products by presidential decrees when it is needed.”

Emphasizing that TMO works for sustainable agricultural production, GM Güldal has stated that agricultural products can be stored in healthier environments by licensed warehouses and the products delivered to these warehouses can be sold to wishing purchasers including TMO. Mentioning that nearly half of the purchased products were received through licensed warehouses, GM Güldal has added that TMO will also maintain its purchasing operations in the areas where licensed warehouses are active.

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